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Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), more commonly known as prostate enlargement, is a common condition that affects men as they age, with nearly 20% of men over the age of 40 experiencing the condition. While it isn’t typically dangerous, BPH can affect the quality of life and might even cause embarrassment. At South Jersey Urology Consultants in Vineland, New Jersey, Dr. Christopher Lee takes advantage of the latest technological advancements to offer a variety of effective BPH treatments. If you want to learn more, call to schedule your consultation or book one online.


What is BPH?

In layman’s terms, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) simply refers to an enlargement of the prostate that occurs over time in men.

Most men will experience this growth, though only a portion of men will experience related symptoms.

What causes BPH?

Your prostate gland grows throughout your life, so a certain amount of growth is perfectly normal. However, some men will experience greater growth than average, leading to potential issues. One of the most common reasons for this increased growth seems to include a family history of the disease.

Other risk factors for enlargement include certain medical conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, or heart disease, though it’s unclear why this might be the case.

What are the symptoms of BPH?

An enlarged prostate generally causes various urination issues. Some of these might include:

  • An increased need to urinate
  • A greater frequency of urination urges
  • A weak urine stream
  • An inability to completely empty your bladder
  • Dribbling after urination

Occasionally, however, an enlarged prostate can lead to more serious complications, such as urinary tract infections, bladder stones, an inability to urinate, or bladder and kidney damage.

How is BPH treated?

Using the latest technological advancements, Dr. Lee employs one or several of the following treatment options:


Rezūm® is a minimally invasive treatment that takes advantage of water vapor to shrink your prostate. Dr. Lee injects this water vapor into your prostate, which returns to a liquid, oversaturating cells and causing controlled cell death.

Microwave therapy

Using a small scope, Dr. Lee passes a small electrode through your urethra into your prostate. This electrode emits microwave energy, destroying portions of the enlarged prostate to relieve symptoms.

GreenLight™ Laser Therapy

Similar to microwave therapy, Dr. Lee instead uses a small, high-energy laser to break down and remove excess prostate tissue.

Bipolar TURP

A newer version of the classic transurethral resection of the prostate, bipolar TURP uses low-temperature plasma energy instead of classic heat energy to remove tissue. This leads to fewer side effects.

Do you want to know more about treating your BPH symptoms? Call South Jersey Urology Consultants in Vineland, New Jersey, to schedule your consultation or book one online.