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Sexual health is an important part of men’s overall health. Unfortunately, shame or embarrassment prevents many men from receiving the help and care they need for a healthy sex life. Christopher Lee, MD, at South Jersey Urology Consultants in Vineland, New Jersey, understands these concerns and provides both treatment and education for a variety of men’s health issues. To learn more about securing your sexual health, call to schedule your consultation or book online.

Men's Health Q & A

What are common men’s health concerns?

Men’s health can refer to a range of health issues specifically affecting men, though it most commonly covers men’s sexual health. Other concerns might include nutrition, fitness, and weight loss. 

From a sexual health standpoint, some of the most common concerns for men include sexual functioning. Erectile dysfunction of some type is quite common, with nearly 40% of men at least 40 years old experiencing some form of the condition.

Infertility is another major men’s health issue. Almost 1 in 6 couples has trouble conceiving, and male-related infertility causes 30% of these infertility cases.

Low levels of testosterone associated with aging and other medical conditions can also cause sexual health problems, along with other physical symptoms, such as fatigue or muscle weakness. 

What treatments are available? 

South Jersey Urology Consultants leverages a wide variety of the latest treatment options for your sexual health needs and should have an effective solution no matter your specific problem. Here are a few of the most common treatment options Dr. Lee uses based on your condition:

Erectile dysfunction

If you’re having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, experience regular premature ejaculation, or suffer from other penile abnormalities, some common treatment options Dr. Lee offers include:

  • Penile rehab
  • Medications
  • Prosthesis 
  • Behavior modification therapies 
  • Reconstructive surgeries or injectional therapies 

These treatments help extend erection times, improve instances of premature ejaculation, or otherwise restore your penis to a standard size and shape.


Getting to the bottom of infertility is a complex process, one that can require extensive tests and patience. Dr. Lee has years of experience treating infertility and knows many of the most common causes of infertility, allowing him to start treatment fast. 

Some of those treatments might include:

  • Dietary changes or supplements
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Surgical interventions for varicoceles and other obstructions
  • Vasectomy reversals

If you’re unsure whether the cause of your infertility is strictly male-related, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee to discuss receiving a thorough diagnosis. 

Low testosterone

Low testosterone can cause a host of physical and biological changes for some men, and many of these symptoms are easy to mistake as caused by another condition. 

Dr. Lee identifies whether low testosterone is the culprit after a proper diagnosis and gets you started on a treatment, such as:

  • HCG therapy
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Hormone injections
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes 

No matter your sexual health concerns, the experts at South Jersey Urology Consultants have the knowledge and experience to restore your confidence and improve your sex life. Call to schedule your consultation or book online.