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Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among men in the United States and is also the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men. Despite these statistics, prostate cancer is quite treatable, and many men diagnosed with the disease can live full, healthy lives. At South Jersey Urology Consultants in Vineland, New Jersey, Christopher Lee, MD, and his team have experience in the latest prostate cancer treatments, providing the best chances of overcoming the disease. To learn more about your treatment options, call Dr. Lee to schedule your consultation or book online.

Prostate Cancer Q & A

What is prostate cancer?

Your prostate is a small gland located near your genitals that produces the fluid that supports the growth and movement of sperm.

Like most cancers, prostate cancer involves the rapid, unchecked multiplication of cells, originating in your prostate gland.

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer typically exhibits few or no symptoms in its earliest stages. However, as the disease progresses, a few particular symptoms might emerge, including:

  • Blood in your semen
  • General discomfort in your pelvic area
  • Trouble urinating, including a decreased force of urine
  • Nearby bone pain
  • Erectile dysfunction

Since the early stages of cancer show little in the way of symptoms, regular checkups are recommended once you reach 50 years of age.

What causes prostate cancer?

While doctors still don’t understand what causes cancers, there are a few factors that have been identified as increasing your risk of developing the disease. For example, your risk of prostate cancer increases as you age. 

Race and family history also play a role in the disease. African-American men are more likely to develop prostate cancer than other races.

How is prostate cancer treated?

The expert providers at South Jersey Urology Consultants have extensive experience in performing the latest surgical procedures for prostate cancer treatment. The two most commonly used treatment options include:


During this procedure, Dr. Lee inserts several small needles into your prostate gland. These needles deliver alternating cycles of freezing gas and heating gas. As the prostate undergoes this freezing and reheating, the treatment eliminates cancer cells with minimal damage to nearby healthy tissue.

Robotic surgery

Another state-of-the-art surgical approach, robotic assistance allows Dr. Lee to surgically remove the prostate gland or other affected tissue in a minimally invasive fashion. Often, robotic surgery recovery is much faster than traditional surgery.

Depending on the severity of your prostate cancer, Dr. Lee might also recommend radiation or chemotherapy. However, not all cases of prostate cancer require follow-up treatment after surgery, and low-risk prostate cancer might not require treatment at all.

If prostate cancer runs in your family or you’re approaching 50 years of age, let the experts at South Jersey Urology Consultants provide their experience. Call to schedule your consultation or book online.